Parallels between the Lives of Rainer Maria Rilke and Natsume Sōseki and their path to poetic genius.

Two Men Contemplating the Moon by Caspar David Friedrich, 1825 | Wiki Commons

…or how to teach art to teenagers.

Photo by Andrey Grodz on Unsplash

The artist who wasn’t born a genius, but became one.

Francisco Goya, The Meadow of San Isidro (1798) | Wiki Commons

How does Paolo Sorrentino use art in his award winning drama-series.

The Young Pope (2016), HBO and The Sky Atlantic, written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, starring Jude Law. | Fair use.

A true tale of hope and despair.

‘The Raft of Medusa’ by Théodore Géricault | Wiki Commons

Tips on capturing life and love for art.

Photo by Václav Pluhař on Unsplash

The secret drawings of Victor Hugo.

Ma Destinée (My Destiny) by Victor Hugo 1867 | Wiki Commons

From Wes Anderson’s brilliant The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Vashik Armenikus

A music expert. Renaissance art student. A passionate reader. I scrutinise art to find its secrets.

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